PT. Bioipal Multi Fresindo

Septik Tank

This type of septic tank is specifically for large septic tanks and is made using the best materials and done by experts, the septic tank is made elongated to facilitate the digging of the hole, and the cylinder tank body is intended to be more evenly pressurized, so that this tank is stronger and more durable, the septic tank with this type available starting capacity:

- Septic Tank 7 m3

- Septic Tank 10 m3

- Septic Tank 12 m3

- Septic Tank 15 m3

- Septic Tank 16 m3

- Septic Tank 20 m3

- Septic Tank 25 m3

- Septic Tank 30 m3

Our septic tanks can break down domestic waste water into environmentally friendly water that can be discharged into public drains / sewers and can be recycled into toilet flushing water and plant flushing.
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