PT. Bioipal Multi Fresindo

RCX 15 Septic Tank

Septic Tank is a modern domestic wastewater treatment system. This system has begun to be recognized and developed in Indonesia in line with widespread pollution and public concerns about groundwater that is increasingly unfit for use, as well as in line with efforts to prevent environmental pollution early.
With the existence of a Wastewater Treatment Plant, it is hoped that water pollution caused by wastewater originating from an agency's household can be eliminated or even eliminated. So that the waste water can be discharged into the river body without worrying that it will cause groundwater pollution in the surrounding environment.
The purpose of the Manual or guidelines on how to operate this Wastewater Treatment Plant is to provide knowledge on how to run the system, equipment and maintenance so that the system that has been installed can function optimally. Thus, it is hoped that the results of this system processing water can be truly maximized by referring to the applicable wastewater quality standards
(PERMENLHK NO 68/2016)
Standard Air Influent (before processing) Effluent Quality (after processing)
 - PH In: 6 - 9 ppm - PH Out: 6 - 9 ppm
 - BOD In: 220 ppm - BOD Out: 30 ppm
 - COD In: 400 ppm - COD Out: 50 ppm
 - Ss In: 220 ppm - Ss Out: 30 ppm
  - Oil & Fat In: 50 ppm - Oil & Fat Out: 5 ppm
 - Amoniac In: 25 ppm - Amoniac Out: 10 ppm
 - Total Coliform In: 1,000,000 - Total Coliform Out: 3,000

Because decomposing domestic wastewater is actually not too difficult because this waste treatment HAS DECREASE, SO IF THE RETENTION TIME IN A Septic Tank TANK IS ENOUGH THE PROCESSED PRODUCTS ARE GOOD. In addition, with the user manual, it is hoped that the installed equipment can be properly maintained. So that all Mechanical Electrical equipment can function optimally and in quite a long time.

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