PT. Bioipal Multi Fresindo

RCX 25 Septic Tank

Definition of RCX-Series Tank Parts

Inlet pipe Ø 4 "is a pipe in the front position of the tank which is connected to the header pipe from the toilet.
Perporated Screen Frp Is a fiberglass perforated plate that is in the first room in the tank.
Cleaning Tube Ø 4 ”Is a pipe used for tank maintenance.
Transfer Pipe Ø 4 "Are the pipelines to connect the rooms in the tank.
Media Cell A and Media Cell B Are media made of PVC and HDPE which function as a home for the growth of microorganisms to biodegrade incoming waste.
Honey Comb Media Is a medium made of fiberglass with a hexagonal shape with a slope of 60 ° which functions for the sedimentation process.
Ventilation Pipe Ø 2 "Is a pipe where the gas from the process of septic tank comes out, and is directed to a safe place because the air that comes out smells bad, because it contains NH3 gas.
Pipe Disinfectant Ø 2 ”Is the last dichamber vertical pipe from the septic tank which is useful for washing pathogenic bacteria so that they are not carried into city drains.
Outlet pipe Ø 4 "Is a pipe that is behind the tank, useful for drains towards the drainage, where the waste water has been processed fit for disposal and is environmentally safe.

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