PT. Bioipal Multi Fresindo

RCX 30 Septic Tank

Inside the RCX-Series tank, there are several rooms separated by the FRP bulkhead, which play a very important role in the process of the biological technology system with different functions in each room built in the tank. The description of each room and its function in the wastewater treatment process, namely:

• Solid Separation and Pretreatment Chamber is the first and second room from the tank inlet position, which in this room is equipped with a FRP perporated screen plate which is useful for protecting materials such as those made from textiles, coarse / large plastics which cannot be broken down in the RCX-Series system so that do not enter into the further process, because it can result in clogging / clogging the process flow. And every three to six months the maintenance team inspects this room and picks it up with a textile or plastic clamp which is disposed of as B3 (Dangerous, Toxic and Smelly) materials. The second function is the occurrence of the waste water decomposition process and the first anaerobic decomposition occurs conventionally, provided that the incoming wastewater is disposed of domestic waste so that pH standardization is no longer needed.

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